Regular Gasoline Came & Went Too – The Hybrids Are Coming

Regular Gasoline Came & Went Too – The Hybrids Are Coming

For anyone who has spent any time around the water cooler at any number of the continuing education classes or conventions of late, it seems the hot topic of discussion has been the out of date forms in use. Many of us may have to take a glance down to the corner of the page to realize the last time the forms were changed was in 2005 and before that it was in 1996. We’re coming up on the 10 year mark so we should all be expecting an overhaul of the forms soon, or at least we hope so… With so many changes in requirements over the last decade and more importantly the leaps in technology advancements a new form should be developed to incorporate changes. The most prevalent …


Chicago, IL – eValuationZONE is pleased to formally announce that Susan Sillari has   joined their team as the west coast Sales Manager. Susan will be in charge of new   business development, client relationship management, and overseeing each client to   ensure valuation documents are prepared in compliance with regulatory standards.

Prior to joining eValuationZONE, Susan worked as the Vice President of Sales for Peak   Financial Partners, Inc. where she maintained existing accounts and developed new   accounts such as Regional Banks and Credit Unions throughout the United States.

Susan was also a Realtor® and has extensive knowledge about the mortgage and real   estate markets. “I’m looking forward to joining a longstanding company with such a solid   reputation; the opportunity to continue delivering the high level of quality and service   that eValuationZONE is …